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Delivery Service

One Time Registration Fee: $30.00

Cost per unit

$1.15 1-1000 units per month

$1.00 1001-4000 units per month

$0.90 4001-8000 units per month

*Bundling Cost:

Same price per unit plus $0.50





Additional $2.00 charge per item

  • Example (items that have to be individually wrapped in bubble wrap per Amazon requirements

    • Pyrex dishes​

    • Drinking glasses

    • Items that are majority glass or ceramic

Shipping boxes

Small Box (7x7x6) $1.75

Medium Box (12x12x8) $2.25

Large Box (18x18x16) $3.00

X Large Box (24x18x24) $3.25

Regular Shoe Box $3.00

Men's Size 10+ Shoe Box $4.25

*no charge for using recycled box

Poly bags

$0.35 per bag

$0.50 per bag 10"x13" 11"x14"

$1.00 per bag 12"x18" or larger

Packing Materials/Labels

Bubble Wrap $0.40 per foot

Padded Bags $0.80 each

Kraft Paper $0.25 per foot

Sku Labels $0.20

Shipping Labels $0.40


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